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In Australia, generally the responsibility for street lighting resides with local government and energy suppliers. There are strict guidelines regarding the supply and fitment of this type of lighting. Lighting Engineers does not supply an approved unit at this time

While we can and do supply many fittings used in these areas, we do not supply specialized LED fittings nor do lighting designs for theatre lighting. Many schools have a requirement for basic stage lighting which we can fulfill. 

No, there are many shortcomings associated with these programs and we are often asked to assist electrical contractors in this field. Our opinion is that these schemes do not consider the long term requirements of our clients and believe that they are driven by dollar commissions and political outcomes. 

Lighting Engineers is part of a group dedicated to providing alternative LED lighting to electrical contractors, builders and developers. We are known as “third party suppliers”. Our products, while of a high quality are generally unbranded which allows our clients to tender for work without the risk of other parties working against them. It is highly probable that you have seen or used our products without realizing where they came from.

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